Christmas Countdown | Gift Ideas for the Gals

It's no secret that women can be difficult to buy for. So, to make the hunt easier, we've compiled a shortlist of our favourite items that virtually every fashionista will fall in love with.

1. Mmm...Candles! Lavender + Bergamot by Naphtalyworld

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale again. Spa vibes without leaving home.

2. Simple and delicate jewellery ✨Crossroads by Annalay

Easy to add to layers or just wearing on its own.

3. Three words: Whipped. Shea. Butter. Whipped Shea Butter by Eléngé


The silky texture of this ultra-luxe item makes all the difference.

4. For that much needed morning boost. Coffee Scrub by Eléngé

Can someone say morning refresh because nothing says self-care like doing away with dead skin!

5. Bags are a girl's best friend! Imani by De Lovét

You can't go wrong with this top seller! 


6. Get sentimental ✨The Carib by Omi Woods

Keep her heritage alive with this heirloom piece for the ages.

7. Get a Gift Box by Yard + Parish

You can have it all. Yard + Parish has taken away the thought process of gift shopping and is selling a limited quantity of the holiday gift boxes you see here. There's so much variety that she (or you) will be set for the entire winter. 

Check out these awesome gift ideas and find much more available online at YARDANDPARISH.COM.  Happy gift shopping, y'all! 🌟

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