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Lavender + Rose Incense Sticks-TALOU-Yard + Parish

Lavender + Rose Incense Sticks

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Fragrance your space with Talou's soothing lavender and rose incense. This sweet floral blend makes the perfect aroma for a calming, sensual atmosphere, whether relaxing before bed, a romantic night in, or during your favourite self-care routine.

  • 100% plant-based
  • Natural ingredients
  • Made with essential oils
  • 10 stick, 25 cm length

How to use

Light end of the stick until a flame ignites then carefully blow out to create soft smoke. Place incense into a suitable holder that will catch the ash and allow the scent to fill your space.

Place on a level, heat-resistant surface.

Keep away from flammable materials and delicate surfaces.

Approximately 40 minutes of burn time per stick.

* Looking for a beautiful holder for your incense? Burn easy with the 901 Incense Burner by Silently Loud.