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Luxury Bath Oils-Anna Philip London-Yard + Parish
Luxury Bath Oils-Anna Philip London-Yard + Parish
Luxury Bath Oils-Anna Philip London-Yard + Parish

Luxury Bath Oils

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This collection of renewing bath oils are hand-blended and designed to provide a complete sensory and aromatherapy experience whilst you unwind and cleanse. Available in 4 signature fragrances.



Top Note: Ylang Ylang.

Ylang-Ylang' sweet aroma is excellent for reducing stress and as an aphrodisiac, neroli is known for its calming scent and can alleviate anxiety and relieve insomnia. The oil of the magnolia champaca flower is one of the most expensive in the world with a wonderful fragrance, it is used as a febrifuge (to reduce fever) and is warming, calming, reduce stress, can induce a mild euphoria and aid regular breathing.


Top notes: chamomile, sandalwood, patchouli.

Sandalwood has a sweet perfume that is known to help reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) levels and a natural anti-anxiety remedy. Patchouli has all-round healing properties and promotes relaxation, whilst roman chamomile generates an automatic sense of calm, combating insomnia and easing away muscle aches and pains. 


Top Notes:  rosemary leaf, frankincense and vetiver

Rosemary leaf is used to improve brain function and add an instant perk. Frankincense, the oil served before royalty, has powerful antioxidant properties whilst supporting cell function, boosting memory and improving immune function. Vetiver has a wonderful smoky fragrance but also speeds up cell healing, dispels irritability and hysteria.


Top notes: juniper fruit, peppermint and geranium

Geranium oil promotes an uplifting mood and reduces fatigue, peppermint adds a spicy note whilst reducing the feeling of nausea and raising mental alertness. Juniper fruit oil is a natural antiseptic and is used to cleanse, purify and renew focus. 


Add a few generous drops to warm running water for a fragrant bath or apply the oil directly on the body for an indulgent shower.

Luxury Bath Oils contain essential oils. Please consult a doctor before use if pregnant or breastfeeding


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