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TANAKA Bar Soap Trio

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100g / 3.5oz x 3 - BUY MORE AND SAVE.

We created this limited edition mystery bundle for those who simply can't decide which of TANAKA’s nutrient-rich soaps to choose from. It also makes a perfect festive gift! The Yard + Parish team will select 3 soaps from the core collection and lovingly bundle them up for you.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. When we bathe, we exfoliate to remove toxins that your body excretes throughout the day. TANAKA soap bars are the perfect aid for this ritual.

Directions for Use

Lather the soap in your hands and apply generously to the face and body. These soaps are gentle enough to be used every day. 

TANAKA's cold-processed method of production preserves the goodness of natural ingredients. To ensure your bar lasts longer, keep it dry between uses by placing it in a dish that allows air to circulate and water to drain away. 


This item is shipped from the United Kingdom.