#LevelUp | 3 Ways to Elevate Your Autumn/Winter Look

It's finally "Sweater Weather," which means we get to indulge in cozy knits, multiple layers and leather boots! Autumn/Winter is undoubtedly the best time of year for real "Fashion." So, don't let the gloom and grit get you down! Here are our top 3  tips to elevate your style this season.  

By Yard + Parish

1. Pop on a pair of shades!

Just 'cause there's no sun doesn't mean you can't see life through Rose-Coloured spectacles...

photo by styledumonde.com

Get The Look: Bond by Bôhten
2. Try a silk scarf instead of a hat.

Healthy hair hack! Who doesn't love being stylish and protecting their beautiful strands from harsh Winter winds all at once?

photo by dellahs.com

Get the Look: Gye Nyame by Life Liveth

3. Wear nude tights and show off those legs!

Like your own legs but smoother...and warmer ✨Wear your favourite skin-out looks without compromise!

photo by iwantyoutoknow.co.uk

Get the look: Glossy Tights by Sheer Chemistry


Winter may be coming, but we won't let it defeat us! We hope you enjoy our style tips and fight the freeze with ease. Happy layering!


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