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The Self Care Sampler Set 2.0

by Yard + Parish


2020 has been a whirlwind... It's time to awaken, heal, and perfect the art of loving ourselves. Back by popular demand, we're serving you a round-up of the UK's best eco-luxe bath + body products. This limited edition box makes a wondrous gift of black-owned bliss.

Featuring a selection of best-selling items from Yard + Parish's latest Self-Love Edit:

The Healing Bar-This handmade soap invigorates the senses and gives you the most natural glow. It's so natural it can be used on the face AND body! This bar is a favourite because the Turmeric content is anti-inflammatory, deeply hydrating, and naturally brightens skin! Ginger Essential Oil is known to boost circulation and provides warmth that revives and eases muscle pain, promoting some much-needed relaxation. The Poppy seeds help to gently exfoliate the skin and make sure the best version of you can shine through. For extra exfoliation we've included the Sisal Soap Bag. You can use this accessory with any bar of soap to turn your showers into a spa-like experience.

Rebirth Mash + Awaken Body Treatment Oil - With all the face mask-wearing we do these days it's important to clarify those pores and keep your skin looking its best. After using the REBIRTH clay mask you'll feel like a brand new person, revitalized and ready for another day! The AWAKEN reviving body treatment oil will help you take your self-care routine one step further. This luxurious, deeply moisturizing oil is chock-full of vitamins and nutrients to make you feel just as good as you look!

The Ginger + White Lily candle - this candle boasts a lightly spiced floral aroma. The fresh tingle of ginger and airy scent of lily jasmine intertwine with spicy cloves to create a sweet and memorable environment.

This set is shipped from the United Kingdom.

If you're ordering as a gift we can add a custom hand-written message for your special someone.


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