Nature's Luxuries, the Island Way.


At Yard + Parish, the celebration of African and Caribbean heritage fortifies our vision for sustainability. Our philosophy is informed by dear memories of Jamaica -- our ancestral home. The Creators of the Yard + Parish concept embrace their family's agricultural background, and were brought up with teachings of resourcefulness and gratitude. We believe that Mother Earth will always provide, as long as she is nurtured. Whether in need of food, medicine, beauty, or adornment,  we were raised knowing that all these can be cultivated and renewed, with the right mindset and work ethic. These are the values that we aim to share with our community every day.

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At Yard + Parish, health is wealth. Our mission is to redefine luxury by fostering and encouraging inclusivity in conversations about sustainability. As the platform for eco-luxury brands of the African diaspora, Yard + Parish continues to champion the use of high quality, natural ingredients sourced from ethical suppliers by showcasing small businesses that contribute to a greener earth.

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Yard + Parish is a curated boutique offering sustainable lifestyle solutions for the conscious consumer. Our selection process begins with extensive research on how products are made and what ingredients they’re made with. We pride ourselves on selecting small-batch, natural, handmade, and locally-produced items as often as possible. Our offerings are ethically sourced, and many of our partners support rural artisans and businesses around the world. We are also committed to using recyclable materials & packaging, both in-house and in partnership with our vendors.

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