6 Mental Health & Wellness Platforms for People of Colour

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BY  YARD + PARISH   /   MAY  23  2024,  09:01 AM GMT


Mental health has been solidified as an essential aspect of holistic well-being, yet for the Black community it remains a topic that is often stigmatized or seen as taboo. For far too long, the healthcare needs of the Black community have been overlooked and underrepresented. But a much-needed wave of community initiatives has emerged, driven by passionate individuals and organizations determined to champion the mental health of Black individuals. We got to know some of these inspiring initiatives and the critical work they are doing to promote healing, discourse, and empowerment within the Black community.


Therapy for Black Girls: Therapy for Black Girls is a dynamic online platform that connects Black women and girls with culturally competent therapists. Recognizing the importance of representation in mental healthcare, this initiative empowers Black women to prioritize their mental well-being by providing a directory of licensed therapists who understand the unique experiences and challenges faced by Black women. Additionally, their website offers a wealth of resources, including a popular podcast that covers a wide range of mental health topics.


The Loveland Foundation: The Loveland Foundation, established by acclaimed author and activist Rachel Cargle, focuses on providing financial assistance for therapy and mental health resources specifically for Black women and girls. Recognizing the disparities in access to mental healthcare, the foundation offers therapy grants through their Therapy Fund, making mental wellness more accessible and breaking down financial barriers that often prevent individuals from seeking support.


Wellness brand Pana is dedicated to promoting holistic health in POC communities through inclusive yoga classes and wellness workshops. Their expert instructors create a welcoming environment, focusing on culturally relevant practices that cater to the unique needs of our community. Beyond physical fitness, they emphasize mental and emotional well-being, offering both online and offline workshops on meditation, breathwork, and stress management.


Black Minds Matter is an organization dedicated to providing mental health support and services to the Black community in the UK. Their mission is to ensure that we can all can access free, professional mental health care with Black therapists. By focusing on the unique challenges faced by the Black community, Black Minds Matter aims to address and dismantle the systemic barriers that contribute to mental health disparities. They also work to raise awareness about mental health issues within the Black community and promote mental well-being through various initiatives, resources, and advocacy efforts.


The Healing Space hosts magical day retreats in London and Birmingham, sharing ancestral wisdom and wellness practices for black women. Their mission is to provide a safe, inclusive space where individuals can explore holistic health practices tailored to their cultural experiences. Led by skilled instructor Emma, the programs encompass not only physical well-being but also mental and emotional support through meditation, mindfulness, and self-care sessions.


Thy.Self is a global digital community bringing diversity to the wellness space. From workshops and meet-ups to mini festivals their programming is geared towards millennial and Gen Z woman navigating work, life and love. With notable collaborations like Indeed and Adanola under their belt, Thy.Self is a valuable resource for anyone who is embarking on a wellness journey.


These are just a few of the powerful organizations and movements that are creating spaces for dialogue and establishing communities to support diversity in the wellness industry. Mental health is an integral part of all our journeys, and these initiatives serve as beacons of hope and progress for a brighter, healthier future.

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