14 British Black-Owned Spirit Brands You Need to Taste

The turn up never tasted so good.

BY  ALESHA BAILEY   /   UPDATED JUL  19  2022,  9:30 PM GMT



Notting Hill Carnival is finally back on this year, and we're preparing to gallivant with the best of them! With all the events and concerts on around the city of London, we thought we'd share a few of our favourite Black-Owned liquor brands to bring out your Caribbean spirit and keep the tradition alive.



Inspired by the amazing life story of African writer and abolitionist Olaudah Equiano, Equiano Rum is a sophisticated spirit with deep flavour and even deeper roots. If you're a fan of dark rum like we are, this one is a must! How do the founders over at Equiano recommend enjoy their rum? The Gold & Stormy cocktail made up of rum, Ginger Beer, and a squeeze of lime. It's an island ting, bredrin.




Founded in 2016, ADAKA was designed to bring African and European culture together in one wild beverage. Giving a spicy modern take on well-known Africa flavours, ADAKA is very best way to heat up any party. Pro-Tip: Add ADAKA to your brunch time Bloody Mary to kick off the festivities right from the start!



You may have already heard of the highly popular Cabby's Rum but did you know that they make Gin, too? Known as London's first white rum distillery, Cabby's has perfected their craft and their Gin is no different. If your not usually a Gin drinker, we suggest trying a Gin Fizz (gin, lime juice, soda water, and egg white), a refreshingly smooth favourite of ours on a hot summer weekend.



This Scotch Bonnet pepper, Tequila and Rum blend is right up our alley. If you've had Scotch Bonnets before, you know they have such a uniquely delicious flavour and fragrance that you'll want to put them in everything. Fiyah Wata is extra special to us because it reminds us of traveling up the winding roads of Blue Mountain to Strawberry Hill on a sunny summer day!



You've never had Palm Wine like this before! London Manya's sparkling Palm Wine brings African heritage to the party with elegance and class. Whether your sipping on the Raffia Cuvée made with the traditional Méthode Champenoise process and authentic imported raffia palm juice or enjoying the Limited Edition Moroccan Hibiscus Rosé, this beverage pairs perfectly with a Sunday Brunch for a truly unforgettable experience.



FOREVER is the Caribbean's answer to Bailey's Rum Cream. Inspired by the French-Caribbean heritage of the founder Solo, this drink is the perfect beverage for a cozy Autumn night in. Not only is FOREVER made with organic ingredients directly sourced from the Amazon of La Guyane, the traditional distillation process is passed down through 7 generations. Try this special concotion on the rocks or in your post-dinner coffee to add a little Caribbean warmth to your life.



This Rum brand is all about celebrating your wins! With two distinctly tropical flavours, Lime and Mango & Passionfruit, 24 Royale's white rum is a great addition to your next celebration. Our recommendation? A fruity Mango Mojito filled with fresh mint, cane sugar and soda. Don't forget to the lime wedge!



Distilled right here in London, One True Maverick is an intriguing blend of potato, rye and grape. Not to mention the sleek design of their bottle is makes a great addition to your stylish bar cart. They pay such great attention to detail that this vodka is distilled not one but three times! If your a vodka connoisseur, this one is just for you. 



Now we all know that the black community loves its Rum. Matugga Rum is distilled in Scotland with African soul and is the epitome of the word diaspora. Using the finest ingredients from east Africa, their spiced and golden Rums are carefully crafted in small-batch copper pots to bring your the unique flavours of Africa. You've got to taste this liquid gold on the rocks or neat to get the full experience.




Aesthetics are just as important as taste and quality to us and Las Olas does it the best! This luxurious looking Rum is definitely one to remember. They've even concocted their very own cocktail, The Olas, with peach liqueur, lime juice, crème de cacao blanc and angostura bitters. We're totally trying this cocktail next Friday!




If you love an elevated heritage experience just as much as you love a good cocktail, Saint Ogun delivers on every level. Not only is this skillfully-crafted spirit the perfect amalgamation of African origin and Caribbean flair, but it's also got the coolest label art around.




While Padnas isn't a spirit brand, this fruity cocktail company knows how to get the party started! Inspired by the founders' St. Lucian heritage, Padnas' rum punch blends are packed with fresh fruits and dark Caribbean rum so good you won't want to share.




This family-owned rum brand takes the word heritage to next level with. The name Étän, meaning "five" in the Cameroonian dialect of Mungaka, refers to the five founders and sisters of the brand. They've also got an extensive guide of cocktails to try at your next brunch party this summer.



Inspired by Grenadian and Martinican African heroes, Kromanti Rum is a culmination of rebellious Caribbean spirit and European luxury. The deep flavour of the rum is infused with Caribbean herbs, spices, and fruits, and is named after the maroon drummer Kromanti Kojo.


Celebrate the return of Carnival with these incredible British black-owned spirits brands! And don't forget to queue up our Pepperseed Playlist for some added island vibes.

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