Finding Balance in the Bloom with Julia Shelton


Now that many of us are working from home, finding simple and cost-effective ways to update our wellness rituals are more necessary than ever. If there's anything we've learned from the past year, it's how important it is to indulge in little things that bring joy, peace and balance during stressful times. We had a much-needed chat with Julia Shelton, Founder of Toronto-based floral wellness company 2Peonies. We asked Julia to give us her best tips and tricks for using flowers to bring a big boost of bliss to the everyday. 


Why did you start 2Peonies?
I always wanted a creative company, and the merging of florals and self-care was a concept that I believed would spark a lot of my interests and keep me busy and stimulated creatively. Also I was eager to find a way to change the way people interact with flowers. Having them slow down and acknowledge their effects on our well-being, instead of them just being gestures men make to women, or a design motif that was for retail spaces that were cookie cutter.


Why are flowers such wellness boosters?
Many reasons! Predominantly their beautiful colouring and direct connection to nature and the outdoors. Having nature inside has always sparked a sense of calmness in humans constantly in a concrete jungle. Flowers play right into that.




What's your personal favourite flower?
I love the variation that Ranunculus come in. Butterfly, or buttercup, you get an array of whimsical colours, and gorgeous blooming period. They really can last beyond two weeks as a fresh cut flower which is almost unheard of. 


Best long-term indoor flower to invest in?
I have just started playing around with potted flowers! Right now I am working on caring for a bunch of daffodil bulbs. They are said to be very easy to care for, and come back easily year after year with the proper preparation.


3 Tips for the perfect modern arrangement?

Add some height dimension to your single varietal arrangement

Choose a pastel colour palette

Bouncy, wildflower vines over structured greens and stiff florals.



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