A marker of the perfect wellness ritual is its ability to fit seamlessly within your lifestyle. Your daily practices should not only uplift you physically and emotionally, but visually as well. Burning incense is a long-practiced tradition within African + Caribbean diasporic communities and Silently Loud artfully combines this cultural comfort with modern design to create the ultimate at-home experience. The Yard + Parish team spoke to designer and founder Tony Badu all about his inspired creation, favourite wellness rituals and what luxury means to him.


Why did you decide to start the brand?

I have always had the idea to create products that would make an impact one small thing at a time. From my early teens I've had the name ‘SilentlyLoud’ floating around. Fast forward a few years and here we are.


What is your brand's overarching goal/mission?

To produce interior and homewares which are as sustainable as economically viable that help improve or solve issues while being aesthetically pleasing. Creating good vibes in lots of small ways.


What is your ethnic background? Does it influence any of your lifestyle practices? How?

So, I was borning and raised in the UK and my parents are from Ghana - British born Ghanaian. In terms of influence, I would say the bright colours of the culture influence how I dress. I dress very European but love to add a pop of colour with outfits. You’ll always see me with coloured socks that are on show.

Do you have a daily ritual you can’t live without?

Other than going to the gym, i would say it’s reading and journaling.


INSIDER TIP: The product is meant to be seen, put it out in the open in the room!

Pair the 901 with the new Incense Bundles by TALOU

What does luxury mean to you?

Comfort, ease and style that should be available for all.


 Tony's Yard + Parish Picks:

My favourite are the bamboo toothbrushes by TOOTHBUCKLE. Simple and effective, with that hint of colour! The nerd in me also loves the “silver for additional antibacterial protection”.


Enjoy modern wellness with Silently Loud now available in-store.

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