After years spent in the fast-paced flight industry, traveling the globe and all its corners, mother Roz and daughter Alison set out to create an innovative product that not only reflected their worldly style but also their sustainable values. This is how the sleek design of Toothbuckle's Bamboo Toothbrush + Cover Set was born! We asked the mother-daughter duo all about their mission and the rituals they practice to stay centred!


What is your brand's overarching goal/mission?

We aim to help our customers find a better more effective solution to their oral hygiene. Our products have natural antimicrobial properties to keep the germ toothbrush build-up at bay. Protecting toothbrushes from prominent Ecoli bacteria, and other harmful chemicals found in the bathrooms. We use high-quality FDA approved silicone to create our toothbrush covers, and products. We're on a mission to reduce plastic waste, one simple change at a time.


What is your ethnic background? Does it influence any of your lifestyle practices? How?

Our heritage is from Barbados, and yes, Bajan’s are known for their beautiful teeth and skin!


Do you have a daily ritual you can’t live without?

Roz:  At the end of the day I sink into a hot bath, and listen to my favourite audio book.

Alison:  I love to get up super early at 5.45am when the house is still quiet and world is still asleep. I take that time to pamper myself with a morning all over body scrub, a nice long shower, a nice hot cuppa tea and let my mind just rest, before my little girl and husband get up at 7am and the rush of the day starts.


INSIDER TIP: With Toothbuckle's silicon technology, it's easier than ever to stay fresh on the go. Stick it in your gym back or a quick weekend getaway without a worry. No mess and no fuss!


What does luxury mean to you?

Luxury means, beautifully made or designed. You feel like you are getting something of high quality. A product that’s standout in its category and does exactly what it claims every single time.


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