The Coolest Mums You Should Be Following on Instagram Right Now

These beauties make motherhood look effortless.

BY  ALESHA BAILEY   /   MAR  18  2022,  9:00 AM GMT



Motherhood is not all mom jeans and sensible footwear anymore. In the 21st century, Yummy Mummies are redefining themselves through self-expression, trendy looks and multiple talents, proving that having a little one doesn't have to mean losing your sense of identity. Whether you're looking for inspiration or just in need of a little reassurance, these are the Millennial Mums you should be following right now.



Hleziphansi Zita (@nandi.naya)

With her pieces being worn by the likes of Solange Knowles and Amy Sall, jewellery designer Hleziphansi "Lezi" Zita is the curator of her own world. Recently relocating her family of 5 to the Caribbean, Lezi is living out our dreams. Every post is steeped in island vibes and bohemian style. As a champion of sustainability, Lezi is certainly one to watch.



Gina Atinuke Knight (@ginaatinukeknight)

This mod mama is the definition of cool. She's a wig-designing wizard who tackles topics like Alopecia and postpartum sensuality all while looking like a goddess. Gina teaches her 2 daughters and us how to show up honestly and unapologetically every day and that alone deserves a follow.



Vanessa Ford (@tribe_ford)

Not only is Vanessa absolutely gorgeous, but she's also a children's clothing designer and the producer of the first African superhero cartoon, Super Sema. Plus, her stories are filled with the incredible moments she gets to experience with her jet-setting family of 5 and the dreamiest mommy-and-me campaigns you've ever seen.



Grace Ladoja (@graceladoja)

The Nigerian powerhouse is totally living up to her name. She makes balancing entrepreneurship and motherhood look so stylish she must be super-human. Switching between tomboy cool and elegant lady with ease, Grace manages to keep us on our toes and in the know at the same time.



Sandra Lambeck (@sandralambeck)

Let's be honest, this model and new mum is on everyone's moodboard. With some of the most savagely funny captions we've seen on the Gram, this German beauty has an uncompromising sense of self that we all aspire to. She's also got the best winged liner on the internet in our opinion.



Portia Prince (@portiaprince)

Her bright, colourful style is a ray of sunshine and so is her babe. We just can't get enough of Portia's spontaneous beach shoots and halo of curly strands. The quintessential cool-girl is can switch from statuesque model to Crocs-loving free spirit from one post to the next.



Herieth Paul (@heriethpaul)

This new mum's model family is so pretty it's unreal. The Tanzanian beauty is most well-known for gracing the world's top runways and fashion magazines, but her intimate snaps of motherhood are grounded, tranquil and oh so heart-warming.



Jaycina Almond (@jaycina)

With effortless style and a little one hanging off her hip, Jaycina navigates the fashion industry and the non-profit arena like a boss. This founder and published author has taken us on a journey of her own self-discovery while showing up for other young mums in need, too.



Marilyn Nwawulor-Kazemaks (@nlmarilyn)

Athlete and clothing brand owner Marilyn has written the book on how to be comfortable and chic at the same time. Populated by eye-catching designer accessories and perhaps the best outerwear collection out there, this mum's profile is like a moodboard. Marilyn knows how to make minimalism look bold.



Marz Lovejoy (@marzyjane)

As a model, editor and advocate for her community, this mother of 3 is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she a renaissance woman, but she juggles it all while championing black-owned designers and maintaining her truly eclectic style. She's got her ear to the streets and a direct line on contemporary creative voices.


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