Our Top Natural Products for a Healthy Afro Hair Care Routine

"It's time to embrace the coil!"

By Alesha Bailey, Creative Director of Yard + Parish


In a time where individuality is more fiercely celebrated than ever before, it’s time to embrace your coil! In this article, we'll introduce you to some of the best black-owned haircare brands for your texture and lifestyle. 
Here are our top tips and recommendations for natural, cruelty-free products you can buy online for a healthy haircare routine.

1. For the Low-Maintenace Lady

We all know that black hair takes a lot of time and energy to maintain. So, for those of us who prefer a more minimalist regimen we’ve got just the right thing!
BLOOM Omega Healthy Hair Oil by Afro Hair + Skin Co.  £21.95

This unique oil blend is packed full of healthy omegas and essential fatty acids that deliver health from your roots to your ends. Plus, its light-weight and won’t clog your hair follicles, which is excellent for under-the-wig hair growth.


2. For the Heat-Free Honeys

We all experience product build-up. Twist-Outs, Wash-n-Gos, Curl Sets and Sleek Buns alike, the pros of cleansing your roots can be overshadowed by how tough it can be on those delicate strands. To combat the effects of those high-manipulation styles try this ultra-luxe set for optimum hydration:
African Moringa Shampoo + Conditioner set by  Luxemore London  £29.99

The organic shampoo is sulphate-free with a subtle peppermint scent that will leave your hair refreshingly clean. Not only is the conditioner silicone-free, it’s also super silky and multifunctional!


3. For the Straight-Hair-Don’t-Care Squad

We all love to watch silk press transformation videos on Instagram, am I right? Thankfully, the use of heat doesn’t mean we have to endure heat damage! For all the girls that love having their edges L-A-I-D, check out these protective products: 
1. Argan Heat Defence Spray by Ivy Wild £12.49

Not only does this product seal split-ends and give you the shiniest strands, it’s also perfect for chemically processed and colour treated hair that requires a little extra TLC!
2. Edge Control by Ivy Wild £7.50

To finish off that perfect coif, use this castor oil infused pomade that both grows and strengthens those beloved baby hairs.


Check out the full range of haircare products curated by Yard + Parish by visiting our beauty page here!

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