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Hair, Skin + Nails Oil

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Hair Skin & Nail Oil - 20ml

This might be the best oil you ever use.

A lightweight, fragrance-free, multivitamin topical vitamin, containing every naturally occurring vitamin A – K and omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9. Rich in silica for collagen support. Ideal for brows, beards, scalp, cuticles and hair length.

A truly versatile and potent hair, skin and nail oil that is ‘dry’ and velvety on application.


Supports: Skin and scalp quality, hair and nail growth rate, general skin appearance
Vegan | Cruelty-free | Gluten-free


Hair Skin and Nail Oil is a nutrient-rich liquid formulated to support the well being of your skin‚ hair‚ and nails. A light and nutritionally rich formula designed for clearer skin and faster, stronger nail and hair growth. Created using 100% precious plant oils and vitamin E to enrich, replenish and protect. 18hr Formulation


Skin- Apply one to three drops each morning and/or night
Beards- 4-8 drops as often as needed
Scalp- Apply sparingly as often as needed
Hair- This depends on length and texture. This oil can be used as a leave-in or wash out treatment for all hair types that need more moisture. Rub oil vigorously into palms and fingers and pass hands through hair shaft like a comb to evenly distribute.


Shoulder Length Bleached blonde 2-4 drops
Short Grey Hair: 2-3 drops
Long Red Wavy Hair 8-10 drops

Curly Hair types - Can be used on the scalp. 8-10 drops
Type 4 dense kinky curly hair - Best used as a scalp treatment

Consumer trials report:

Accelerated hair growth rate
Reduced fine lines
Reduced acne breakouts
Decreased dandruff
Improved rosacea

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