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LIHA is an innovative, luxe natural, organic and vegan skincare brand that blends the rich botanical life of West Africa with traditional English aromatherapy and folk remedies. With a community rooted in African Diaspora, LIHA shares the power of wellness, slow living and self-care. 
Cheltenham + Hackney, UK
4 products
  • Queen Idia Scented Candle
    Queen Idia Scented Candle-LIHA-Yard + Parish
    Queen Idia Scented Candle


  • Idan Moisturising Oil
    Idan Moisturising Oil-LIHA-Yard + Parish
    Idan Moisturising Oil


  • Oju Omi Mud Cleanser
    Oju Omi Mud Cleanser-LIHA-Yard + Parish
    Oju Omi Mud Cleanser


  • Ose Gidi Soap
    Ose Gidi Soap-LIHA-Yard + Parish
    Ose Gidi Soap