Multipurpose Oil-Eléngé-Yard + Parish
Multipurpose Oil-Eléngé-Yard + Parish

Multipurpose Oil

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Available in 30ml and 100ml

One Oil. All Uses. Treat yourself to Eléngé's new signature oil blend, lightly kissed with luscious essential oils. The oil is fast-absorbing making it a perfect moisturiser for warmer weather, leaving your skin feeling supple and revitalised without oily residue. It's a fab addition to your nighttime routine and will have anyone close mesmerised by how delicious you smell.

It's great for use on face, body, and hair. Pair with the Elenge Glow Shea Butter for a shimmery finish.


Just three ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Nut Oil, and Lemongrass Oil.  Non-greasy, easy to absorb, giving you glowing skin. Use the oil to massage onto SKIN, use on your HAIR or add drops into your BATH. 


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