Bamboo Toothbrush & Cover Set - Pink/White-Toothbuckle-Yard + Parish

Bamboo Toothbrush & Cover Set - Pink/White

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Say hello to Toothbuckle. The most innovative eco-friendly toothbrush cover out there.

Key Benefits

  • Making Toothbuckle an essential part of your hygiene routine helps prevent everyday airborne germs, toilet spray and cross-contamination.
  • The toothbrush cover locks onto your toothbrush head securely; perfect for travelling, your gym bag, or an overnight stay.   


. Ventilated cover allows the toothbrush to fully dry out in-between brushing

. Embedded with silver for additional antibacterial protection

. Easy to use, durable, and sustainable

. Universal manual toothbrush fit, suitable from 12 years and up


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