Blumseed FAQ

What ingredients do you use?

We use organic ingredients carefully selected to the highest standards in clean beauty – ingredients that will benefit your hair and scalp.

Do your products contain alcohol, silicone, sulphate, paraben, mineral oil, protein or colorant?

No, they are 100% free and safe – no chemicals, synthetics or allergens.

I have permed, bleached, dyed, chemically-straightened, keratin-treated, locs, low porosity hair. Can I use your products?

Yes, yes, yes and absolutely! Our customers are the breadth of hair types and simply love our products.

I have hair extensions or I wear a weave. Can I still use your products?

If you have bonded or glued hair accessories such as weaves, we do advise against the use of our products. Our products are rich in essential oils that weaken glue bond over time.

Can your products help with my scalp condition?

Yes! We have customers that experience alopecia, scalp psoriasis, clogged follicles and other related issues that have had great success using our products in conjunction with a personalized regimen.
We would recommend the Chamomile + Calendula Clay Wash in addition with our conditioner and hair oil for your scalp challenges.


I am experiencing hair loss/ fall, will your products help my hair grow?

With love, self-care and the stimulating ingredients in our products, you can experience healthy hair again. Our hair oil in particular contains over 13 ingredients known to promote hair growth.

Are your products only for black women or women of color?

Our products are made for ALL women with thick, kinky, textured, coily and curly hair.

Do you offer styling products?

Yes, we do. Our hair oil works as both a renewal treatment and styling oil, while our hair butter seals moisture into your hair and protects it from damage and breakage.

Product Usage

How do I use the conditioner? How often should I use it?

1. mix 2 tbsp of the conditioner + 2 tbsp of our hair oil (or an oil of your choice) + 1/4 cup boiling water. You should get baby food like consistency. Strain the mixture with a mesh cloth.

Note: Depending on your hair length, increase or decrease conditioner amount in order to cover your head fully i.e. if you have shoulder length hair, you may want to double the mixture.

2. wet hair thoroughly, apply the conditioner mix liberally by parting your hair into 6 sections and spreading the product evenly onto each parting – massage and disperse across scalp and hair.

3. cover your hair with a shower cap or hat and let sit for 20 – 40 minutes. [Make dinner, watch Insecure, catchup on Instagram]

4. rinse out conditioner. You can choose to leave a little for added benefits.

We recommend using the conditioner 1x per week for 20 – 40 minutes. You can also leave it in overnight for an intensive hair treatment, as necessary.

How often should I wash my hair?

Typically, 1x per week, co-washing (water and conditioner) mid-week to refresh depending on hair type, diet and lifestyle.

The best way to determine a routine that works for you is to experiment.

When should I wash my hair?
Wash when your hair is dirty or you have buildup.

We do recommend cleansing the hair after a workout to remove sweat and dirt. Our Peppermint + Sage Clay Wash is best for build-up.

How much clay wash should I use? My hair is 5 inches long
Follow the recommended mixing directions for medium length hair: 1/4 – 1/2 cup clay wash + 1/4 – 1/2 cup of our hair oil (or an oil of your choice) + 3/4 cup boiling water.

We recommend using the hair wash 1x per week for 20mins. You can similarly leave it in all day as a hair mask for an intensive treatment.

What clay wash consistency should I be aiming for?
Baby food or pancake mix consistency.

What is the best way to use your products following the LOC or LCO method?
The LCO method stands for Liquid, Cream, Oil whilst LOC is an abbreviation for Liquid, Oil, and Cream. Both methods refer to the sequence of applying hair products to your hair to increase moisture retention or porosity.

Specific to our products, Liquid = Conditioner, Cream = Hair butter, Oil = Hair Oil.

Depending on your hair porosity, we recommend the LCO method for low porosity and the LOC method for high porosity hair.

Best results for LCO (low porosity) can be obtained by sitting under a conditioning cap or leaving the Conditioner in for 1hr or better yet overnight.

My hair feels oily, what am I doing wrong?
Not to worry – this is a quick fix! Mix more of your clay wash leaving out the oil. Wash your hair again. The next time you wash your hair experiment using less oil.

How do I prevent tangles?
One, finger detangle your hair before stepping into the shower and section hair into 6 bantu knots or two strand twists to keep hair from tangling.

Two, wash each section and put back into knots or twists.

Three, apply conditioner for preferred length of time.

Four, wash out each section while you finger detangle under running water. Make sure to put hair back into the knot or twist as you work on each section.

How many uses should I expect to get?
This totally depends on how thick your hair is and how often you wash it. Most of our customers find their product lasts between 4 – 7 weeks when washing hair 1x a week.

When can I expect to start seeing results?
We recommend, at a minimum, 4 – 6 product usage to allow your hair and scalp adjust to the formulas before you start noticing results. For some, it may be immediate depending on diet, lifestyle and hair regimen.