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In an industry where black and brown people are already under-represented, BIPOC men can find themselves at the intersection of two minorities when it comes to skincare and wellness products. The team over at black-owned Mens skincare brand Temple wants to be the one to fulfill that need. With natural, non-toxic ingredients that specifically cater to the unique requirements of darker skin tones, the sleek and minimal self-care system is the perfect solution. We asked co-founders Adam, Rich, and Raphael about the brand's wellness-focused philosophy, their daily rituals and more!


Why did you start the brand?

Raphael: Temple came about from feeling a deep lack of choice in the market. Growing up as young black men in the UK, we never felt that the grooming products we’d find in Boots or Superdrug for example were suited to our needs. We strongly believed that this brand needed to exist, not only to meet the specific needs of black and brown men but to also help men navigate through the process of creating self care routines.


How did you come up with the name Temple?

Adam: Temple has so many powerful meanings. When you think about the word ‘Temple’ you think about a place of worship, a place you approach with respect and reverence. A place of peace, tranquility and calm. This is the experience we want men to have with their mind and body; after all, your body is your temple.


Which product from your range do you use daily?

Raphael: We’re all using the Temple Full-Body Set, you have the daily three-part skincare routine which includes your cleanser, toner and moisturizer and then you have the daily supplements which help to improve sleep, boost immunity and reduce stress (to name a few benefits)


INSIDER TIP: Couple your skincare routine with a practice you already do daily like brushing your teeth. You do that every day, twice a day - as a way to remember to also care for your skin, follow brushing your teeth with using your skincare products.

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Do you have a daily ritual you can’t live without?

Raphael: This really depends on who you ask, for Adam it’s having his morning coffee before properly starting the day (he’s not the same without it) for Richie and me, it’s gotta be finding a few minutes to meditate and exercise, whether that be a walk or doing some yoga stretches and poses.

What does luxury mean to you?

Raphael: Luxury put simply, is the feeling like you’re being taken care of. That can come in many forms and oftentimes it’s really the small gestures that you might appreciate the most.


 Temple's Picks:


Adam: I love the Indulge + Smooth Aromatherapy set from LIHA Beauty. Honestly, their Idan Oil is incredible!

Raphael: I’m really big on moods, settings and ambience, so for me it would have to be the ‘Latte Lover’ candles from Anna Phillip.

Rich: Definitely the Satin Pillow Case by Happy Hair Co.


Discover the full range of Temple Skincare now available in-store.

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  • This is great! As the only female in a male dominated household I have to do some homemade alchemy for them to suit their different skins, some dry, some oily. Now I can send them this link! Job done! Congratulations on the launch, bravo!


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